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Question One

Use an elaborate diagrammatic representation to describe the process of communication.

(15 Mks)

Explain the effect of noise on communication transactions.

(5 Mks)

Question Two

With sufficient examples describe the following types of listening:
Therapeutic listening
Discriminative listening
Appreciative listening
Critical listening

Content listening

(20 Mks)

Question Three

Discuss any four aspects that determine the reading speed of texts.

(8 Mks)

Describe the SQ3R as the prescribed study strategy for students. (12 Mks)

Question Four

Discuss any four advantages that extemporaneous mode has over manuscript speech delivery.

(8 Mks)

State and explain the three major parts of a speech.

(6 Mks)

Explain any three aspects you would consider when doing audience analysis.

(6 Mks)

Question Five

Examine the role of the university libraries to individual students.

(10 Mks)

Assess the impact of technological advancement on library usage.

(5 Mks)

Discuss the specific function of the following types of libraries:
Public library

National library






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