Develop and implement a business plan.

hi. i,ve attached two files to get the assignment done. in the first file, you will see the questions that you need to answer and in the second file there is a case study in that. you need to read the case study then you will be able to answer the questions. plzz dont just copy paste from the case study, pllzz use your knowledge and you can search on google too. i think most of the answers you will be able to find in the case study. Note- plz make the assignment in word document, not in the pdf file.


Task 1

You will need to develop and implement a business plan. You are required to provide a written plan on the implementation processes used to implement the business plan.

1. Developing the business plan. You must ensure you perform each of the following steps during the development phase:

a. Reviewing and evaluating pre-existing strategic, business and operational plan, if available

b. Analysing and interpreting business vision, mission, values and objectives

c. Consulting with key stakeholders

d. Reviewing market requirements for the product or service, profile customer needs and research pricing options

e. Developing performance objectives and measures through consultation with key stakeholders

f. Identifying financial, human and physical resource requirements for the business

g. Considering any permits or licences that may be required for new activity

h. Writing the business plan


 2. Monitor performance. You must ensure you discuss each of the below points:

a. How you communicate business plan to all relevant parties and ensure understanding of performance requirements and timeframes

b. How you ensure skilled labour is available to implement plan

c. How you test performance measurement systems and refine, if necessary

d. How you ensure timely reports on all key aspects of the business are available, user-friendly and balanced in terms of financial and non-financial performance

e. How you report system failures, product failures and variances to the business plan as they occur

3. Respond to performance data. You must ensure you discuss each of the below points:

a. How you analyse performance reports against planned objectives

b. How you review performance indicators and refine if necessary

c. How you ensure groups and individuals contributing to under-performance are coached, and provide training where appropriate

d. How you review system processes and work methods regularly as part of continuous improvement.

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