Describe and use a recursive planning &revision process for technical presentations

Purpose This assignment is an assessment designed to check student progress toward the course learning goals. The assessment is a reflection about the work you completed this semester. Recall that reflection is a way to discover what you think about yourself and your knowledge. Task REFLECT
Reflect on your growth as an engineer, a scientist, and a writer this semester. Think about what you knew at the beginning of the course and what you know now that the course is almost over.
Write a 2-page reflection with the three sections listed below. The document should be single-spaced with DS between paragraphs, headings, and page numbers.
SECTION 1: For the technical training presentation in particular . . .
Describe the strategies you used and the choices you made (be specific) to adapt the technical training presentation to a specific audience? How did you change your technical training presentation after receiving feedback, and how satisfied are you with the final presentation?
SECTION 2: For the course overall . . .
Describe the assignments and/or in-class activities that helped you meet each of the course learning objectives (listed below)

  • Describe and use a recursive planning & revision process for technical presentations
  • Analyze the audiences for oral presentation of technical information
  • Interpret and use appropriate nonverbal cues in context
  • Effectively use presentation software
  • Work effectively in teams to practice planning, organizing, and holding effective meetings
  • Analyze data and create visuals appropriate for technical presentations
  • Prepare and present technical information for both technical and non-technical audiences

SECTION 3: Also, answer the following reflective questions . . .

  • What have you learned about your own communication process? What preparation strategies work well for you? Describe the characteristics of your presentations and things you’re working on improving.
  • Re-visit your own personal goals for the course. Did you meet your personal goals? Why or why not?
  • What else have you learned in the course about technical presentations and how will you use what you have learned both professionally and academically?

Before submitting, check your work:

  • Is the document single-spaced with double spaces between paragraphs?
  • Is the document at least 2 pages in length?
  • Were headings used to separate information logically?
  • Was the document proofread and spell-checked?

Remember that you are practicing professional writing. Professional writing includes organizing your document with headings, as well as adhering to grammar, punctuation, and spelling standards. For that reason, your grade will be reduced if there are errors in your work. If you have questions, ask your instructor or make an appointment at the TCM Writing Center for assistance.

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