Define the term “pericarditis.”

A.  Common characteristic(s) seen with left ventricular hypertrophy



a. R waves that are more positive in the leads that lie closer to lead V6.

b. S waves that are smaller in lead V1.

c. R waves in lead V2 that have an amplitude that exceeds 26 mm.

d. right axis deviation.

B . Left ventricular repolarization abnormalities can be identified  by down-sloping ST segment depression and T-wave inversion in leads

a. I, II, and III.

b. V1 and V2.

c. V5 and V6.

d. I, aVL, V5, V6.

C.  The patient in this case is likely experiencing:

a. right atrial enlargement.

b. left atrial enlargement.

c. left ventricular hypertrophy.

d. right ventricular hypertrophy.

D.  Define the term “pericarditis.”

E. ECG changes seen with pericarditis include

a. a large Q wave.

b. an elevated ST segment, usually flat or concave.

c. right bundle branch block.

d. a large S wave in lead I.


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If the economy goes into a recession and incomes fall, what happens in the markets for inferior goods?

A.Which of the following shifts the supply curve for pizza to the right?   a. an increase in the price of pizza b. an increase in the price of root….

Which of the following does NOT add to U.S. GDP?

A. Which of the following does NOT add to U.S. GDP?   a. Boeing manufactures and sells a plane to Air France. b. General Motors builds a new auto factory….

what is the likely impact of this event on the gross domestic product and gross national product of the United States?

A. Increases in the amount of human capital in the economy tend to _________ real incomes because they increase the _________ of labor.   a. increase; bargaining power b. increase;….