1. Post a Discussion for 5A & 5B then respond to 3 students per post so 3 for Discussion 5A and 3 for Discussion 5B. When responding to students ALL replies MUST follow C3G: compliment, connect, and question. So, provide a compliment to your peer on their post, comment on why you issued the compliment; connect to the topic without restating what your peer posted, and pose a question.

Ensure acceptable college-level written posts and responses that directly relate to each forum topic! Appropriate capitalization and punctuation is also expected. (Look at Discussion Posts for more info)

 2. Week 5 Quiz- DUE

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College Algebra, NOT Calculus (derivatives).

College Algebra, NOT Calculus (derivatives). United Parcel Service has contracted you to design a closed box with a square base that has a volume of 10,000 cubic inches. Initially, they….

What is the probability that the 785th toss is heads?

QUESTION 1 Suppose the American Medical Association Center for Health Policy Research included data, by state, on the number of community hospitals and the average patient stay (in days) in….

Explain how to determine the smaller of 0.24 and 0.3 using the following techniques:

16 MATH QUESTIONS   1. Is it correct to say that a set is a collection of numbers or letters? Why or why not?   2. How will you explain….