conduct research on your selected sector/industry covering the previous 5-10 years.

Detailed requirements of the assignment You are a group of advisors to the Management Board in your company with Headquarters in Australia. As advisors you are first, required to conduct research on your selected sector/industry covering the previous 5-10 years. Second, you are required to present a company strategy to your Management Board covering the next 5 years. Third, your Management Board requires that you make a presentation of your findings and strategies, and you prepare a 2,500 word market report. The market report should, as a minimum, address the following key issues: (i) A description of your company and the industry of your company (ii) An analysis of the market structure of the industry (iii) A discussion about the demand and supply conditions for your product(s) or service(s). (iv) A discussion about the demand elasticity for your product(s) or service(s) (v) An analysis of a recent event that has (or is likely to have) substantial impacts on your industry/sector Note: if your company has many products and/or services, you can select a representative product/service to discuss for points (2); (3); (4); and (5). This report should provide useful information for your company’s Management Board. It should use a variety of resources, including the textbook, newspapers, industry reports, the ABS website, and other sources. Furthermore, your report should include headings and sub-headings. It needs to be properly referenced using the Harvard style and at least 5 references. Australia sector/ industry selection distribution 1. Agriculture sector: livestock and meat industry 2. Agriculture: fresh foods industry 3. Agriculture: Floriculture industry 4. Automotive industry 5. Aviation Industry 6. Beverage Services 7. Building and construction services 8. Consumer services: Hairdressing 9. E-commerce 10. Education University and tertiary institutions 11. Education: Early childhood-Primary Education 12. Education: Nursery and Education care sector 13. Education: Schools education sector (Primary and secondary) 14. Education: Technical And Further Education (TAFE) sector 15. Energy Utilities Industry 16. Engineering and architectural services 17. Entertainment: Live performance industry 18. Entertainment: recorded entertainment and cinema industry 19. Finance: foreign exchange market 20. Finance: Superannuation services 21. Financial services –Banking sector 22. Financial services -Insurance Services 23. Fishing 24. Forestry 25. Games and sports 26. Gasoline supply services 27. Hair and beauty 28. Health Care and Social Assistance 29. Healthcare services- Home care and Aged Care Services 30. Health care-Disability services 31. Information: Broadcasting 32. Information: internet 33. Information: land line telephone communications 34. Information: Mobile telephone communications 35. Labour industry 36. Leisure and hospitality: Marine tourism and charter vessels 37. Leisure and hospitality: Cruise services 38. Leisure and hospitality: Fast foods 39. Leisure and hospitality: Hotel and Accommodation services 40. Leisure and hospitality: Tour and Travels services 41. Leisure and hospitality: Tourism and heritage sites 42. Mannequins and modelling 43. Manufacturing sector 44. Media and Entertainment 45. Mining: Coal mining 46. Mining: Gem and other natural resource industries 47. Mining: Oil and gas industry 48. Mining: Other minerals 49. Petroleum exploration 50. Pharmaceutical industry 51. Postal and Warehousing Professional 52. Property market, Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services 53. Public Transport: Private-for-hire Vehicle (non-rail) Industry 54. Public Transport-Train services 55. Publishing industry 56. Quarrying industry 57. Quaternary sector: Computing and ICT (information and communication technologies) 58. Quaternary: Research and design (R&D) 59. Quaternary: consultancy (offering advice to businesses) 60. Racing industry 61. Recreation/ Hotel and restaurants 62. Retail trade 63. Scientific, Technical Services and Architectural services 64. Textile industry 65. Utilities: Electricity and Gas services 66. Utilities: Water and Waste Services 67. Utilities: Water, sewerage and drainage services 68. Warehousing 69. Whole sale trade 70. Wine industry

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