Choose a clinical deterioration case from your practice and present the case using Levitt-Jones’ Clinical Reasoning Cycle appropriately

The purpose of this assessment task is to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their comprehension of the introductory theoretical components of your area of specialisation. Students are given the opportunity to choose a clinical deterioration case from your practice and present the case usingLevitt-Jones’ Clinical Reasoning Cycle appropriately. It is important to have a clear understanding of Levitt-Jones’ Clinical Reasoning Cycle to complete this task. Students are required to do a video presentation by using power point slides.Each student will be given 10 minutes of presentationtime.Students must submit the presentation slide using APA 7th referencing style.

Suggestions for the video presentation include:

  • Cover slideFull name, student IDs, Unit code, and tutor’s name.
  • ContentPreview of the presentation, informing the audience about the information to be presented, and provide a rationale for addressing the issue to be discussed. Critically address the scenario by using Levitt-Jones’ Clinical Reasoning Cycle
  • Conclusion-Provide a concise summary of major issues or themes presented, discussed and recommended. Include strategies to improve the situation.
  • Presentation skill-Student are expected to present with confidence and engage the audience. Students are to present within the allocated time.
  • References-A minimum of6 references are required for the presentation. Articles need to be peer reviewed and = 7 years utilizing APA referencing style.
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