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1. Fidelity Corporation offers to hire Ron to replace Monica, who has given Fidelity a month’s notice of intent to quit. Fidelity gives Ron a week to decide whether to accept. Two days later, Monica decides not to quit and signs an employment contract with Fidelity for another year. The next day, Monica tells Ron of the new contract. Ron immediately faxes a formal letter of acceptance to Fidelity. Do Fidelity and Ron have a contract? Why or why not?



2. Ball e-mails Sullivan and inquires how much Sullivan is asking for a specific forty-acre tract of land Sullivan owns. Sullivan responds, “I will not take less than $60,000 for the forty-acre tract as specified.” Ball immediately sends Sullivan a fax stating, “I accept your offer for $60,000 for the forty-acre tract as specified.” Discuss whether Ball can hold Sullivan to a contract for the sale of the land.  (See  Situations When Intent May Be Lacking .)

3. Schmidt, the owner of a small business, has a large piece of used farm equipment for sale. He offers to sell the equipment to Barry for $10,000. Discuss the legal effects of the following events on the offer:

1. Schmidt dies prior to Barry’s acceptance, and at the time he accepts, Barry is unaware of Schmidt’s death.


2. The night before Barry accepts, fire destroys the equipment.


3. Barry pays $100 for a thirty-day option to purchase the equipment. During this period, Schmidt dies, and later Barry accepts the offer, knowing of Schmidt’s death.


4. Barry pays $100 for a thirty-day option to purchase the equipment. During this period, Barry dies, and Barry’s estate accepts Schmidt’s offer within the stipulated time period.

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