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Wayne Williams Case Evidence Staff Study—Part II: The Presentation

In the role of commander of the investigations division, create a five-minute PowerPoint/Screencast-O-Matic presentation for a citizens’ police academy class which summarizes the evidence found in the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murders case.

This brief presentation should highlight important aspects of forensics as seen in the Wayne Williams case as well as how forensics have evolved. Utilize your written report as a source for the presentation material; however, the presentation should not be a duplicate of the written staff report, but should be phrased in a way that the non-law enforcement members of the citizens’ academy can understand the processes and legal aspects involved in introducing the evidence at a trial. After creating the PowerPoint presentation, create a Screencast-O-Matic recording of the presentation, which is an online recording of you narrating the PowerPoint. For the recording portion, you may use any screen casting platform you wish. (Quick-start guides for Screencast-O-Matic (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and Jing (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. are provided for your convenience.)

Your presentation must be clear and provide the audience with an understanding of the purpose and meaning of the evidence analysis including the following elements.

Provide a high-level overview of the processing procedures.

Evaluate the probative value of the evidence and legal or ethical issues, in addition to why certain methods should or should not have been used.

This brief presentation should highlight important aspects of forensics as seen in the Wayne Williams case and how forensics have evolved. In addition, in your presentation, you must

  • 1. Explain why each type of evidence is important to this case.
  • 2. Explain different techniques that might be used to process non-biological trace, biological, and digital evidence in the field and in a laboratory setting.
  • 3. Examine legal and ethical issues related to judicial admissibility regarding collection and forensic testing of non-biological, biological, and digital evidence, including current challenges and emerging issues that are relevant to the case.
  • 4. Evaluate techniques used in the field and the laboratory, identifying which is the preferred method and why.

Include visual enhancements in your presentation. These may include appropriate images, a consistent font, appropriate animations, and transitions from content piece-to-content piece and slide-to-slide. Images should be cited in APA format

You may wish to use the Where to Get Free (and Legal) Images (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. guide for assistance with accessing freely available public domain and/or Creative Commons licensed images.

Access Simple Rules for Better PowerPoint Presentations (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., which provides useful assistance with creating successful PowerPoint presentations.

As mentioned earlier, after you have created your PowerPoint, you will create a screencast of your presentation. Your screencast may not exceed 5 minutes. It is highly recommended that you create a script and/or speaker’s notes for your PowerPoint to ensure that your screencast will meet the time requirements. This will also allow you to practice your presentation prior to recording it. Once your screencast has been created, copy and paste the URL to your screencast into written document. There is no need to upload the PowerPoint presentation to the system. Save it in a safe place in case there are any issues in creating the screencast.

The Screencast/PowerPoint presentation

  • Must be a minimum of 10 slides, excluding the cover and references slides.
  • The presentation must contain a cover page and reference pages in APA
  • In-Text Citing

The presentation must include a minimum of four scholarly or credible sources, in addition to any required readings from class used.

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