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Minority Situation Activity and Paper (10 points). Spend 2–3 hours in a situation in which you are the minority (i.e., dissimilar from everyone else in the situation). This should not be a situation in which your status is elite to others (e.g., volunteering in a homeless shelter, being the only man in a company of women, eating at an ethnically diverse restaurant). Please write a one-page (roughly three-paragraph) paper based on your experience.

Potential examples include

(a) attending religious services of different faiths and cultures from your own,

(b) using a wheelchair or crutches in public and trying to go about your daily business,

(c) spending time in a part of town that is ethnically homogeneous but different from your own, or

(d) attending an ERG or club meeting for something in which you are not a member. You may have done this unintentionally in the recent past, but for this assignment please do it again anew.

Describe the situation. How did you experience diversity and did others include you? Did you feel authentic? What did others do to help or not help you?

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