assume the role of consultant(s) who have been hired by the case organisation (Zurich) to contribute to a review of ITIL service improvement at the organisation

You will prepare a report for the CIO of Zurich

Allen, L 2016, IT service management leaps ahead at Zurich

Section 1: The case study demonstrates that process maturity assessments reported Zurich’s service improvements. Based on the examples in the case study, identify three ITIL processes where improvements can be verified. Discuss the selected ITIL processes and their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for successful implementation as identified in the case study. (25 marks)
Section 2: The Head of Service Management at the European Centre of Excellence states: “The first step in our [improvement] journey was to understand where we stood today.” Which ITIL service lifecycle can undertake this requirement and how is this typically executed according to ITIL best practices? With references from the case study, give examples of how Zurich executed this service lifecycle. (25 marks)
Section 3: The case study argues that: “process improvement = service improvement”. A strong evidence is provided for this position based on PinkElephant’s consulting journey with Zurich. Identify one reference (case study, academic article, or industry report) that challenges this position, and present at least two key arguments to suggest that “process improvement ≠ service improvement”, i.e. service improvement is more than just process improvement. (25 marks)



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