assess client development to identify and respond to any issues.

You work at CareShore as a Case Manager. As part of your role, you are required to assess client development to identify and respond to any issues.
Today, you are meeting with Riley. Riley has just turned 11 and is halfway through grade 5 at school. Riley’s school referred the case to you. Riley lives with his mother, father and his sister, Ava, aged 8. Both parents deny that there are any issues with Riley. They are both angry with the school for sending Riley home after disruptive outbursts in the classroom.
The following is the information taken from the school report.
Background information
Riley is 11-years-old and in grade 5 at Street Hills Primary School. Grade 5 is an appropriate grade for his age. Riley lives at home with both parents. He is athletic, intelligent, popular with other children and has lots of friends.
Reason for referral
Riley is very disruptive; he does not complete homework, and when questioned, states that he already knows enough to pass so doesn’t need to. He is rude to teachers and often refuses to participate in class activities. Riley tends to mimic the behaviour and activities of other students, often resulting in negative outcomes. He has played several ‘pranks’ which have been dangerous and have resulted in damage to school property. His disruptive behaviour has resulted in him being sent home on many occasions and he is now at risk of being expelled.

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