Artifact Portfolio Paper

Centerpiece Instructions

The Centerpiece is the most important artifact in the Portfolio, and at a minimum should do the following:

‣ Attempt to solve an interpretive problem about a text or texts

‣ reveal an intertextual process of interpretation ‣ justify your solution to the problem with reasons

and evidence appropriate to your inquiry ‣ rewrite the text(s) you read within the text of your

life; rewrite the text of your life in light of your chosen text(s)

Regardless of format, the project should be equivalent to 15-20 pages of double-spaced, 12-point prose. All sources should be documented using MLA Style.

It will also be important to keep in mind that you are making an argument about the solution to an interpretive problem concerning the text(s) you choose. That

argument should be situated within the context of what others have said about the interpretive problem.

Finally, there is a personal aspect to your inquiry. You are attempting to figure out not only how to solve the problem of interpretation but also to explain why solving the problem matters to others and to yourself. You’ll need to find a way to weave this personal aspect into the Centerpiece without compromising the rigor of your inquiry.

Important Dates:

1/18 Primary text(s) submitted for approval 3/20 Conferences over early drafts 4/3 In-progress full draft due 4/5- 4/17 Centerpiece Workshops 5/3 Final version due in Portfolio

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