Analyzing 3 Articles-3.5 Pages

Read these three articles and follow all instructions in the picture, should be 3.5 pages

1.Azar Nafisi’s “selections from reading Lolita in Tehran”

2.Malcolm Gladwell “The power of context”

3.Susan Faludi “The naked Citadel”

The pictures are all the instructions. The essay needs to have 1 intro paragraph and 3 body paragraphs and 1 conclusion paragraph


Each body paragraph needs to have 2 quotes from the article, the first body needs to have 2 quotes, one from article A and another one from article B.

The second body paragraph needs to have 2 quotes, one from Article A and other one from Article C

The third body paragraph needs to have 2 quotes, one from Article B and other on from Article C

YES, IT has to be 3.5 pages

Article A is Azar Nafisi’s “selections from reading Lolita in Tehran”

Article B is Malcolm Gladwell “The power of context”

Article C is Susan Faludi “The naked Citadel”

Each body paragraph needs to have a nice transition, and please also write about how these three articles’ authors’ idea complicates each other?

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