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Case Study Assignment
This assignment focuses on hospital-based medical/surgical case scenarios to explore pathophysiology and
patient management as a Nurse. You need to review current evidence to build a strong supportive case for your
ideas and please follow the below instructions and the rubric as all are guides to help you to complete this task.
-Length: 1,500 words ± 10%
-Weighting: 30%
Case details
Susie Price is a 78 year old retired. Over the last several months, she has had increased
episodes of a burning sensation in the mid-epigastrium and back. The pain subsides after
eating. Based upon her history, her GP orders an endoscopy that reveals several peptic
ulcers. The week following her diagnosis Susie was awake all night with severe pain. She calls
her GP in the morning, who asks her to present to the Emergency Department (ED) due to the
level of pain. Her partner drives her to their nearest ED for review.
Question set
Analyse the above case details and respond to the below two questions in the essay
1) Correlate the patients’ clinical presentation to the pathophysiology of peptic ulcers.
2) What medical and nursing interventions should the patient receive and why? Support your
management ideas with best practice evidence.
Instruction for Essay:
– Topic is introduced clearly and succinctly
– You provide an excellent introduction to your submission, and clearly explain how you intend
to answer the case study question.
– Conclusion provides a concise summary of main points covered
– Your conclusion provides a high-quality summary of the major points covered in your
responses, all linked well to the case study.
– Provides a comprehensive response to the criteria and analysis of
pathophysiology/medical/nursing care of the case
– You have comprehensively answered the question to a high standard of detail.
– Effectively links evidence-based information to the case study data
– You effectively linked quality research-based evidence to justify each of your
– Utilizes relevant and contemporary references in response
– Provide an excellent list of references, with the majority of references contemporary
and peer reviewed.
– Intext referencing used throughout. Referencing formatted in accordance with APA 7th
– Ensure you utilise in-text citations throughout your entire paper for all evidence used,
not doing this is plagiarism. To ensure that your paper does not contain plagiarism.
– Search for and identify the key literature related to best practice in the topic area. You
will be expected to use evidence-based journal articles, textbooks and appropriate
authoritative web sites sources designed for health care providers, not healthcare
users). All references need to be published in the last 10 years
– Do not use evidence from DrGoogle, Wikipaedia, Mayo clinic, webMD – these sources
are designed for health consumers not health providers, any such sources will not be
deemed an appropriate reference.

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