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Security Design & Analysis – There are no plans to make this system interoperate with any NHS system, and the company is keen for the system to operate securely


This assignment requires you to conduct a security analysis of a proposed system and devise a security solution that mitigates the most serious risks to that system. The aim of this assignment is not to achieve an exhaustive list of threats, risks or security mechanisms, but to identify the most serious risks and address them in a reasoned and cost-effective manner. The most important aspects of your answer are the reasoning applied to the problem and the justification for your design.

Because of this, a short but clear argument is preferable to a long-winded one. Your answer should not exceed twenty-five pages. As a guideline, approximately 5–7 pages on the security analysis and 12–15 on the security design (including figures and tables) should be enough for a….

Liam, Michelle, Barney and Jocelyn all filed lawsuits against you for causing their injuries and losses. Discuss the claims of each of these plaintiffs. Upon what legal theory would they likely Jane?   What are the elements that they would have to prove? Do you have any defenses you might assert? What is the likelihood of their success against you?

You own a lawn care service. Last week the following sequence of events occurred:

You provided lawn service including mowing, raking, and trimming bushes at the Oak Tree Apartment Complex. As you were finishing up and loading the truck, you inadvertently left a rake on the grass between apartment buildings.

Later that day a five-year-old child, Liam, was running between the buildings and tripped over the rake, falling and causing serious injury to his leg.   His mom, Michelle, heard his cries and rushed out of her apartment to find out what happened.   When Michelle saw Liam’s injury, she scooped him up, loaded him into her car and took him straight to the hospital, forgetting that she had food cooking on her stove. By picking up and carrying Liam,….

The ongoing presence or enduring legacies of colonialism motivated many 20th century acts of terrorism

The take home exam consists of two 600 word responses. There will be two parts to the exam, each with two questions and you are to answer one from each part.

Part A 1. . How relevant is the concept of colonialism for understanding terrorism in the 21st century? 2. The increasing prominence of violent white supremacist groups in western nations such as Australia challenges the current use of the term ‘terrorism’. Should such groups be understood as terrorists, or should the concept of terrorism be rethought? Part B 1. Recent months have witnessed serious mass casualty events carried out using guns or cars in crowded urban settings. In seeking to prevent such events, should attacks using cars be treated as a separate or related phenomenon to attacks with guns? 2. ISIS poses an immediate….

Evaluate security detectors

You are to evaluate the efficacy of a dual technology sensor. In your discussion present Dual Technology Detectors, their underlying principles, and strengths and vulnerabilities, with a concluding recommendation of their efficacy.

Your task is to:

1. Present Dual Technology Detectors:

a. Discuss their underlying principles;

b. List their strengths;

c. List their vulnerabilities; and

d. Provide a recommendation on their use.

Despite the high profile nature of the terrorist attacks in France in the last two years, intelligence agencies have generally been very successful in keeping Western Europe safe.

Topic: ‘Despite the high profile nature of the terrorist attacks in France in the last two years, intelligence agencies have generally been very successful in keeping Western Europe safe. Discuss.’



Extremely fatal terrorist attacks were carried out in Paris as part of synchronized events in which terrorists executed several attacks at the same time, or nearly at the same time. The Global Terrorism Database (GTD) states that “more than 10,000 coordinated terrorist attacks took place in 104 countries between 2000 and 2014. These attacks were concentrated among a small number of countries.” In the midst of countries “which experienced more than 50 attacks between 2000 and 2014, France had the highest proportion of attacks which were carried out as part of multi-part, coordinated events, with 40….

Review the literature and discuss based on the theory of defence in depth what the systems approach to physical security means.  

Analyse performance of measures of physical controls (barriers) in relation to the elements of deterrence, detection and response towards achieving an effective security function.

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