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Describe how economic liberal ideas and globalization positively and negatively shaped developments in the monetary and finance structures.


1What evidence is there that democracy and liberal values in Europe, the United States, and Turkey are threatened? In what ways might these fears be overblown?

2. In what ways are defensive (benign) and offensive (malevolent) mercantilism different? Why is it sometimes difficult to tell the difference between them?

3. Lenin argued that capitalism was able to delay its crisis through international expansion. Explain what Lenin meant by imperialism. Outline examples of imperialism in the global political economy today.

4. From Constructivism: Explain how economic ideas and beliefs have shaped the policies of governments and international organizations.

5. Explain the different perspectives of liberals, mercantilists and structuralists on TNCs.

6. Many people in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere are disenchanted with the effects of the international….

Consider a vote being taken by three roommates, A, B, and C, who share a triple dorm room.

Consider a vote being taken by three roommates, A, B, and C, who share a triple dorm room. They are trying to decide which of three elective courses to take together this term. (Each roommate has a different major and is taking required courses in her major for the rest of her courses.) Their choices are Philosophy, Geology, and Sociology, and their preferences for the three courses are as shown here:

The roommates have decided to have a two-round vote and will draw straws to determine who sets the agenda. Suppose A sets the agenda and wants the Philosophy course to be chosen. How should she set the agenda to achieve this outcome if she knows that everyone will vote truthfully in all rounds? What agenda should….

Under a plurality voting system, which proposal wins?

Consider a group of 50 residents attending a town meeting in Massachusetts. They must choose one of three proposals for dealing with town garbage. Proposal 1 asks the town to provide garbage collection as one of its services; Proposal 2 calls for the town to hire a private garbage collector to provide collection services; and Proposal 3 calls for residents to be responsible for their own garbage. There are three types of voters. The first type prefers Proposal 1 to Proposal 2 and Proposal 2 to Proposal 3; there are 20 of these voters. The second type prefers Proposal 2 to Proposal 3 and Proposal 3 to Proposal 1; there are 15 of these voters. The third type prefers Proposal 3 to Proposal 1 and Proposal 1 to….

How much of a gain or loss does Terry recognize?

Problem 1: The taxpayer, a calendar year corporation, wants to change its company’s headquarters, which is currently a 10-story building. The company owns the property without a mortgage.

The company decides to exchange its existing property for a retail and residential building complex. You assisted the company is structuring the exchange. Both parties used the “middleman” corporation, to whom the properties were initially conveyed. The agreement with the middleman included the requirement that the taxpayer sell its property to the middleman, and then, within 45 days of the initial closing, formally identify which of the two new properties it intended to acquire. The identified property was also sold to the middleman corporation. The corporation would then transfer title to the taxpayer within 180 days after the date of initial….

Describe the environmental problem that makes this a political issue.

All papers must be 4 to 6 typed, double-spaced pages (excludes bibliography pages) long with standard one-inch margins.

NO EXTRA WIDE SPACING between paragraphs!

Qualities like spelling, punctuation, grammar and usage are important, as they reflect on the quality of the paper and the amount of effort put into completing it.  Be sure to document any and all sources you consult, including your textbooks.  A separate bibliography page with 4 or more sources is required.  No more than 40% of the sources in your bibliography can be online-only (Wikipedia is not an acceptable source). For this paper, select an environmental policy area that is either (1) not covered in class at all, or (2) covered in class only broadly, in which case you would select a more specific….

Discuss the (possible) consequences that have attended (could attend) the injustice identified on the victims and society.

What’s required is the following: 1.Look around with a critical eye to spot instances of structural and/or cultural violence(anywhere) . 2.Analyze the instance by: a. Outlining the problem you’ve identified as an example of S/CV. b.Identify the elements that you think make it fit in our definition of S/CV. c.Identify the perpetrators and victims. d.Say something by way of a background to the problem (how did it come to be and how it has evolved over the years. e.Discuss the (possible) consequences that have attended (could attend) the injustice identified on the victims and society. f.Tell us how the injustice can be remedied, if at all. g.Use the style used in the examples below (font, margins, indentation, etc.).

3. Give 4 examples of cultural/structural violence

Definitions: a. Structural….

empower children, youth, and adults in poverty to transform their lives through work, education, and employment.


Throughout this course, you will be playing the role of a Project Manager working for the non-profit The Resource Center, an organization that serves low-income families in your community offering a variety of resources from emergency food to classes for individuals seeking their GED.

The mission of The Resource Center is to empower children, youth, and adults in poverty to transform their lives through work, education, and employment.

The overall goals of the organization:

· Increase education and employment opportunities for those in the community living below the poverty level.

· Increase food security for families in the community.


· Increase the employment rate each year for those being served by the organization.

· Increase the number of adults with high school diplomas or GEDs.


write a book review on Our Global Neighborhood by the Commission on Global Governance.

PPOL 650

Book Review Assignment Instructions


Like the Issue Analysis Paper, the Book Review is a tool to assist you in honing your analytical and writing skills as you interact with international law and policy. This week you will consider the concepts, ideas, and themes in a book written on the dawn of a new century. Like the Issue Analysis Paper, please consider major groups involved in the policies and ideas presented, laws and/or policies that came into being as a result of this book, the benefits or challenges of involvement by international organizations, and how a biblical worldview can be applied to understanding the outcome of the issue. The critical analysis and application you apply to this paper will be vital experience as you prepare to….

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Complete the Learn: Self-Assessment: Do You Appreciate and Value Diversity? exercise located in this week’s Learning Activities folder.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

As you reflect on the results of your self-assessment, do you believe you value diversity? Provide examples from work, school, or home to support your response. Why do you think women hold few top leadership positions compared to men, despite research showing that women are viewed as more transformational leaders? What, if anything, could you do to change this situation? If you wanted to foster greater inclusivity in your workplace, what would you need to do to make this happen if you used a rational versus an emotional approach to organizational change? How would you manage resistance to diversity and….

write a 1250 words article around this topic.

The theme of the article is “compare and contrast Plato and Aristotle’s views on both the best kind of human life, and the best kind of region or political rule. To what can we attribute the differences in their views on these issues?” (hint: make sure you discuss the role of meteorological thinking within each thinker’s writings, and the differences in their respective approaches to teleology.)

You need to write a 1250 words article around this topic. Detailed requirements are in “essay requirements”.

You should not refer to any online resources.

PPT will give you information. The page inside refers to “Aristotle, Carnes Lord – Aristotle’s Politics University of Chicago Press (2013)” PDF