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Espada “Heart of Hunger” Symbolism

English 112

Professor: Fernando Benavidez

Essay 2: Critical Response to Poetry

DUE: SUNDAY, MARCH 11TH before 11:59PM

Poems to Consider: Some elements to consider:

Brooks “The Mother” Diction

Donne “Batter My Heart” Syntax

Bishop “The Fish” Imagery

Frost “Mending Wall” Simile Synecdoche

Whitman “Beat! Beat! Drums!” Tone Irony

Clifton “homage to my hips” Form Metaphor

Espada “Heart of Hunger” Symbolism

Arnold “Dover Beach”

Dickinson “I cannot live with you”

Shakespeare “Sonnet 18”

Angelou “Caged Bird”


This next essay is “open” for you to analyze anything you feel you want to analyze. There are no specific questions for you to answer for this essay. Instead, you can choose one poem or you can compare two or three poems for this assignment. But, you must come….