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valueing a listed company ( intercontinental hotel)


Aim and Objectives Enable students to advance their knowledge of the field covered by their degree


Independent research project Ability to evaluate, challenge, modify and develop theory and practice. Offer synthetic and coherent solutions 2. Requirements Well-defined research question Logically developed argument supported by evidence Element of your own independent research Relate existing literature in the field to your work



Your dissertation should be the output of your own work. University of London and

the College take plagiarism very seriously.

Incorrect referencing and citations may be considered plagiarism. For detecting plagiarism, the School uses Turnitin. Turnitin checks your dissertation

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An investment recommendation report about Nestlé

Dissertation Abstract submission



The thesis title should give a clear indication of the topic being studied.

Keep in mind: There is always the possibility to improve the wording at later stages of your research. Your future employer may ask you about the topic of your dissertation so try to make it interesting!


The Problem: The proposal should contain a description of the study problem which includes specification of the study question(s), in relation to previous research and to the literature.

Keep in mind: A well – stated description of the problem will also help you to stay focused during your research


Theoretical Framework and Background Information: the proposal should discuss the major theoretical premises and the salient concepts which underlie the problem or question(s)…..

You have been hired as an analyst for LeBow Acquisitions LLC, a major property investment and management firm

For your first assignment, you have been asked to perform a valuation of a property that LeBow is interested in acquiring.  The property is a mid-rise office building in suburban Harrisburg, PA.  All of the information you will need to undertake this valuation is given in the attached offering memorandum or in this document.  You will perform this valuation using the Construction Cost (aka Replacement Cost) Approach, the Comps Approach and the Income Approach (which is composed of both the Cap Rate and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Approaches).  You will then stress test these numbers by creating a pessimistic scenario and an optimistic scenario, using only the DCF approach.  Hence, you will compute and report 6 different valuation numbers.

Your boss has provided you with the following information: