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Compare and contrast the Christian and Muslim views of Jesus Christ

 Compare and contrast the Christian and Muslim views of Jesus Christ.  Use specific examples / short quotes from texts and tradition to support your conclusions. In what ways do Muslims acknowledge Jesus Christ? What are some surprising details about events in Jesus’s life as believed by Muslims? What is the importance of the Christian “Trinity” in distinguishing these two religions?

Use your best sentence structure and grammar. Be specific. The paper must be a minimum of 250 words (your own words, not including quoted texts or titles). The best essays are usually longer. NOTE: Do not pack an entire essay, even a short one, into a single paragraph. Use multiple paragraphs to structure and organize your thinking, with an introduction and a conclusion.

Communicating Across Cultures – argument that people from different cultures have different ways of communicating

Reflect on information discussed in \’Communicating Across Cultures\’ topic (Please do between Vietnam and Australia), the work of Hofstede and the general communication theory discussed in class.

Write an essay making the argument that people from different cultures have different ways of communicating, using examples from your selected culture to illustrate your argument. Your essay will include discussion

organisation culture and institutional theory

organisation- Ubertheories- organisation culture and institutional theory

Summarise the relevance of TWO seminal or highly influential papers within EACH of the Organisational Theories you have nominated (approx. 400 words).

What management and/or organisation issues do these two theories(you’ve selected)

now help you to see? Please describe some of those issues. (approx. 500 words) •What are the limitations of each of the Organisation/Social theories you’ve selected in

illuminating key organisation issues? (approx. 200 words)

ways to work with families which are culturally and linguistically diverse

Assignment Two: Concept Map: Cultural and Familial Factors in Special Education


Assignment Two: Concept Map: Cultural and Familial Factors in Special Education (85 points)

Due: Week 6- Thursday 4pm CT


Create a concept map with a minimum of 50 concepts to explain:

disproportionality in special education culturally responsive practices that may be used in special education ways to work with families which are culturally and linguistically diverse


Concept Map Point Allotment System. Please use this to help guide your writing.


Category Criteria Disproportionality in Special Education (30)     Explicitly outline the representation of students in special education classrooms by race/ethnicity, culture, language, socio-economic status   Identify at least five factors associated with the disproportionate representation in special education classrooms Culturally Responsive Practices (15)….

How would you compare West Africa to ancient Nile River Valley civilizations of Egypt, Nubia, Kush, Meroe, etc?

rst watch Wonders of the African World… Episodes 3 & 4 {The Slave Kingdoms & The Holy Land} on YouTube AFTER THAT For this week’s viewing of part 3 in the documentary series Wonders of the African World, I’d like for you to share your general impressions of the region of West Africa that Henry Louis Gates explores. What specific communities does he visit? What are some things he discovers about these West African communities? What was your most significant discovery? How would you compare West Africa to ancient Nile River Valley civilizations of Egypt, Nubia, Kush, Meroe, etc?

Argument Prospectus: Cross-Cultural Marriages Contribute To Racial Tolerance


Recent research conducted in 2010 show that 15 percent of United States (U.S.) newlyweds are in marriages to people of a different race or ethnic group. The research also reveals that 8 percent of all married people are in cross-cultural marriages compared to a 4 percent in the 1980s. This significant growth in cross-cultural marriages has been attributed to increase racial tolerance in the U.S. Worth noting is that, cross-cultural marriages strengthen racial tolerance for reasons that could to be related to age, family, and mass media and social platforms. Americans should therefore encourage cross-cultural marriages as the resulting mixed race will free them from the clutches of vestigial racism due to tolerance.

I will concern myself with cross-cultural marriages which through family ties and bonds….

Cultural Theoretical Approaches

Write an 18–20-page paper in a Word document, using a minimum of 11 sources. Make sure you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Use the APA format.


Cultural Theoretical Approaches Literature Review: to an examination of the globalization trends and the changing relationships between corporations, governments, and civil society, surrounding the concept of CSR in MNCs.


Search for at least four (4) articles related to the role of governments and civil society in the global economy, focusing on aspects related to CSR. Present a literature review of the cultural approaches, globalization, and CSR. Analyze the political, legal, social, cultural, economic, technological, and environmental trends in the context of….

Discuss how an organization’s Code of Ethics (NOHS, NASW, ACA, APA, etc.) can guide you when addressing the ethical challenge

HN502-1: Describe historical data that promotes advocacy and social change.

In this Assignment you will discuss the role of advocacy and social change when working with culturally diverse clients. Please answer the following:

1. Choose a culturally diverse group (African Americans, Latina/o, Native Americans, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, etc.) for this paper. Briefly discuss the historical background and changing demographics of this group.

2. Choose one social problem related to the group. Explain why you chose this problem and how it has impacted the group.

3. As a Human Services Professional, describe in detail the steps you can take towards advocacy and social change for the social problem you have chosen for this group. What are some ethical challenges you might face as a Human Services Professional when advocating….

Fear and loathing in las vegas

Is a 1750 words essay. U have to read the book to write the essay as u have to reference from this book and write the citation in the essay. Consider ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ (is a book that u have to read to write this essay ) as a critique of the dominant ideology and offer analytical comment on countercultural themes (including through behaviour and characters) that might be considered representative of the counterculture. Your essay should be supported by close reference to the text of the book ( Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)

(Please ensure that you explain the concept of counterculture and a range of circumstances that may have given rise to the 1960s US counterculture, identifying manifestations of it)

Assessment criteria

1.1 Explain the concept….