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You have been recently engaged by XYZ Pty Ltd trading as MMI as a Project Manager (PM) to develop and implement a project to open a new campus in Sydney (refer to MMI strategic objectives).

Complete the following activities: You have been recently engaged by XYZ Pty Ltd trading as MMI as a Project Manager (PM) to develop and implement a project to open a new campus in Sydney (refer to MMI strategic objectives). The Marketing Manager is going on maternity leave, and her replacement won’t start for another four weeks. As you are in charge of the new campus project, the CEO asked you to assist the marketing team in developing the following:

A promotional message to advertise the new campus in Sydney A mood board to inspire the design of a new website dedicated to the new campus

This assessment requires you to:

Work in collaboration with the marketing team to draft your promotional message and mood board Present your draft….

Think of a conflict you were involved in; describe it in writing

• Think of a conflict you were involved in; describe it in writing (along paragraph of about 10 lines or more); review the threeSOCIOLOGICAL SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT ON CONFLICT discussedearlier; write a paragraph (of about 10 lines) explaining which ofthese best reflects or describes your approach to such conflict. Inaddition, you can just talk about the three schools of thought inrelation to your conflict and talk about how you could/should havereacted if you had been aware of these different approaches toconflict. Then write a final reflection (of about 5 lines) putting itall together.

Document Preview:

CONFLICT Professional Development & Competencies? To learn the nature of conflict and its relationship to negotiation ? To assess your personal approach PERFORMANCE to conflict COMPETENCIES FOR THIS CHAPTER ? To use systems….

How could you manage you own/another person’s emotions to prevent them impacting the conflict?

Think of a conflict you have been part of, where you haven’t been willing to resolve it because of high emotions, or (if you prefer), reflect on a conflict where you have seen others be highly emotional.

Where do those emotions come from? What are the benefits of having those emotions? How could you manage you own/another person’s emotions to prevent them impacting the conflict?

Executive Summary Presentation

In the end, as a manager, part of your role is to develop strategy, and share this strategy with various stakeholders within the organization. This assignment will allow you to take your findings as a manager, and communicate these findings to those who are affected.

In M6: Assignment 2, (Please see M6:Assignment 2 in Attachment) you analyzed Ferguson & Son Manufacturing Company’s budgetary control system, explained how the use of an activity-based costing system could change the results of the budget and improve ROI, and made recommendations for goal alignment. This assignment was also the LASA 2.

In this assignment, you will develop an executive summary of your findings in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation format.

Include the following in your presentation:

Include a statement of the problem or topic of….

Review The Inquirer To Determine Digby’s Current Strategy

1. Review the Inquirer to determine Digby’s current strategy. How will they seek a competitive advantage? From the following list, select the top five sources of competitive advantage that Digby would be most likely to pursue. Select: 5 Seek high automation levels Seek the lowest price in their target market while maintaining a competitive contribution margin Seek excellent product designs, high awareness, and high accessibility Accept lower plant utilization and higher capacities to insure sufficient capacity is available to meet demand Increase demand through TQM initiatives Seek high plant utilization, even if it risks occasional small stockouts Reduce cost of goods through TQM initiatives Add additional products Offer attractive credit terms Reduce labor costs through training and recruitment 2. Rank the following companies from high to low cumulative….

What impact do these controls have on Yuan to dollar exchange rates?

Analyze the following article and provide a report that answers these questions:

Risk of China economic collapse overblown | Emerging Markets | AMEinfo.com. (n.d.). Middle East business & financial news | business directory & current events | AME Info. Retrieved July 22, 2010, from http://www.ameinfo.com/35739.html

Based on the findings in the report, analyze three factors MNCs can use to evaluate China’s risk as a potential foreign investment.


The Chinese Yuan is not convertible to American dollars. This restricts Chinese investors from exchanging their Yuan for dollars to invest abroad. The rate of exchange is currently 8.28 Yuan to 1 dollar. In this framework, answer the following questions:


What are currency exchange controls?


Why are these controls imposed?


What impact do these controls have on Yuan to….

Case Analysis—Google in China

Assignment 2: Case Analysis—Google in China

Governments play an important role in business decisions and business operations. The case study in this assignment provides a fascinating view of the business environment in China.

Read the following case study:

Baron, D. P. (2006, November 15). Google in China. Harvard Business School. HBS Number: P54.

Analyze the case. In your case analysis, address the following questions:

What is the basic situation described in the case? Summarize the Google experience. What other companies are described in the case as having had to deal with Chinese censorship. What is your opinion of their actions? What seems to be the policy of Chinese censorship? What are some U.S. congressional initiatives related to Chinese censorship? Do you support those initiatives? Did Google make the right….

Government Role and Trading Blocks

Assignment 1: Discussion—Government Role and Trading Blocks

Please answer all questions

While there are powerful economic arguments for international trade, countries do impose restrictions on international trade. At the same time, regional agreements form one method to reduce or eliminate such restrictions among countries signing the agreement.

Research government role in trade and trade agreements using your textbook,  University online library resources, and the Internet. Respond to the following:

Should governments promote or restrict international trade? Describe at least three ways in which countries can restrict trade. Irrespective of your answer, which position—promoting or restricting international trade—is most likely to find support as a national strategy? Why do governments commonly initiate policies that support both positions? Research one regional trading bloc of which the United States is a….

Case Study – New Belgium Brewing

WK5 – #4 Case Study – New Belgium Brewing

Answer the following questions related to Case 5 in Business Ethics in a 2-page essay:

• Is there a possible conflict between an industry that sells a product that can have negative consequences from the use of its product and the industry’s ability to engage in socially responsible activities?

• What perks do you see in the New Belgium Brewery that could be an added plus to your work environment? Identify at least two of those perks.

• What are the dangers any company might face if its sole focus is the bottom line? Identify at least five of those dangers.

Read the following sections of Business Ethics:

• Ch. 7, “Organizational Factors: The Role of Ethical Culture and….

Arcadian Microarray Technologies,

This case written assignment is on Arcadian Microarray Technologies, In. (Case 44).


Report Requirements:

·       Cover sheet with case name, date, team number and team members;




·       One or two page written report analyzing questions given; and


·       Exhibit with any financials, ratios, charts/graphs that you address in your report.




Your analysis should cover the following concerns:


3.     1.. Regarding the cash flow forecasts in case Exhibit 5, at what point in the future would you set the forecast horizon for the three investments? Why? More generally, what should determine when you stop forecasting annual cash flows and estimate a terminal value?

4.    2. Estimate other terminal values based on alternate estimation approaches. From these various estimates, please triangulate toward a single composite estimate….