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According to E’mile Durkheim, crime as a function of society is: a) abnormal and unnecessary. b) normal and necessary. c) behavior that draws upon penal repression. d) cyclic.

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1. Which of the following does not describe a type of Collective Behavior in the gang? a) Circular Movement. b) Linear Movement. c) Combative Movement. d) Non-Dispersive Movement.


2. Selection and tutelage are the two (2) necessary elements in the process of acquiring recognition as a professional thief. Selection and tutelage are: a) differentially associated. b) continuous processes. c) recognized as a status. d) a system of values/esprit de corps.


3. In the “Comparison Among Juvenile Court Series” conducted by Shaw and McKay, all of the following methods were employed to determine the extent to which the variations in rates….

Case Study: Friendly Market Versus Circle K

Case Study: Friendly Market Versus Circle K

Source: Adapted from Burns, A. C and R. F Bush (2005),Marketing Research.Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice-Hall.

Friendly Market is a convenience store located directly across the street from a Circle K convenience store. Circle K is a national chain, and its stores enjoy the benefits of national advertising campaigns, particularly the high visibility these campaigns bring. All circle K stores have large red-and-white store signs, identical merchandise assortments, standardised floor plans, and they are open around the clock. Friendly market, in contrast, is a one-of-a-kind “mom-and-pop” variety convenience store owned and managed by Bobby James. Bobby’s parents cane to the United States from Palestine when Bobby was 15 years old. The family members became American citizens and adopted the last name….