A 32-year-old man is brought to the ED by EMS for confusion.

A 32-year-old man is brought to the ED by EMS for confusion. EMS reports that the patient was at a local pharmacy filing his prescriptions when the pharmacist noticed the patient sweating and having difficulty answering questions. In the ED, the patient’s BP is 130/68 mm Hg, HR is 120 beats per minute, temperature is 98.9°F, and RR is 12 breaths per minute. The patient is unable to explain what happened. His fingerstick glucose is 410 mg/dL and his urine is positive for ketones. An electrolyte panel reveals Na + 131 mEq/L, K+ 4 mEq/L, Cl − 91 mEq/L, and Ca 2+ 11 mEq/L. Which of the following electrolytes are most important to supplement during the management of his medical condition?

a. Sodium, potassium, and calcium

b. Sodium

c. Potassium

d. Calcium

e. Sodium and calcium

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