Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy contains details we gather when one becomes part of us through the website and using our services, how we reveal certain information and the circumstances which reveal it.



We considered it helpful to make known the ways in which we employ your information, how we value it and put the immense importance of your privacy. It is important for each user to understand all terms of our privacy policy. We normally collect two sets of information regarding you:


  1. Information which uniquely identifies you (e.g., Names and Phone Number);
  2. Information which does not individually identify you (e.g., your IP address and browser).


The information is transmitted, processed and held;


Mostly, we use your information while offering you our services and in generating analytical reports;

We may sporadically reveal your information to authorized persons, including our advertising and promotional associates and merchants;

While using “cookies,”, owing to our common working liaison, we allow advertising systems to gather anonymous information concerning you for sending you their ads just like we do send you our own;

To secure your information, we apply Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to guaranteeing your safety;

On registering with us, you can update or revise the information you initially provided in the account section;

In case of any questions or concerns regarding privacy at kindly contact us via support (at)

Our website and services are not developed for or intended to be used by children 13 years and below;

We can revise this Privacy Policy whenever we consider necessary. Therefore, users should revisit it regularly. Any material adjustment will be notified via email.



We gather the following information regarding you:


  1. Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”)
  2. Non-Personally Identifiable Information (“Non-PII”)


Personally Identifiable Information contains information that personally identifies you. We collect PII when you choose to register with us or when you choose to contribute in a feature on either our site or blog e.g. survey, review or promotion. You might:


  1. Give your name, mail/shipping address, email address, and phone number when registering
  2. Give certain demographic information about you when participating in a survey or poll.
  3. Place a comment and/or recommendation on our Sites.


Non-Personally Identifiable Information includes IP addresses and your browser, operating system, how you learnt about us, your deployment of our web pages you access and scope of your visits.



While improving our services, your PII and Non-PII are vital in satisfying your requests, responding to your inquiries, appreciating your needs and serving you better. We also apply it in other ways linked with the situations in which you give the data.


All PII and Non-PII data shared with us remains ONLY  in the custody of EssayBureau Inc and under no circumstance will the data be shared with any third party whatsoever except in circumstances provided for by law (see the last statement).


Consequently, we use non-PII in analyzing site traffic, responding to customer requests and trends  as well as in initiating intended promotional activities.



At we carefully protect your information at any given time by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts all information. Additionally, we use a protected and dependable server, firewall protection, guarded access and encryption technology. Please take note that although we endeavor to protect your PII, we cannot assure security of all personal data (account login details) incase you (customer) reveals it to third parties. Thus, we will take no liability in such cases but if we detect any anomaly, we will inform you via the last known e-mail address the soonest possible (delay while notifying may arise as we take required procedure to determine the extent of the violation, re-establish integrity to the system and legitimate needs of law enforcement if notification impedes a criminal investigation.)



If you register with, you will have constant access to account section. In case of difficulty in changing information, contact us immediately. You may close your membership account, although kindly take note, we might hold specific information in some circumstances like dispute solving, troubleshooting and enforcing our Terms of Use  in addition to legal and technical constraints. You have various choices regarding use of your information including un-subscribing from email distributions.

In case of questions or concerns about our privacy policies, contact us via our Live Chat, Email or Telephone Number(s).



Our Sites and Services are not appropriate for use by children aged 13 years and below therefore such individuals are prohibited to submit PII to us. For the under 18, you should access only with the accompaniment of an adult.



If we deem it necessary to adjust our privacy policy, we will notify you of such changes by posting the new policy on our Sites or through email.



The Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use contain all of the material terms concerning use of our Websites and Services nullifying any other version or statement.  In instances where it is necessary to share information (e.g. fraudulence by clients) as provided by law, the latter is supreme and we cannot further withhold any information in that regard to assisting in investigations.

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