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Writing an annotated bibliography is one of the custom writing services that we offer our customers especially those who regard it as a prerequisite for writing either a dissertation, thesis, research paper, term paper or capstone project. We do offer annotated bibliography services in various styles; APA, Harvard, MLA and Chicago


So what is an annotated bibliography? 

It is a list of citations to books, scholarly journals, magazines, newspaper articles and/or conference documents followed by a short paragraph, annotation, with details for evaluation. Its main purpose is to inform the reader of the importance, accurateness and quality of the sources cited. Annotated bibliography reviews a source and describes its justification to the topic and highlights the relevance of the topic of discussion. The annotations help to bring the clarity of the topic of discussion and that thorough research has been carried out on the topic from different and diverse sources to give the accuracy of the information given on the topic.


Importance of Annotated Bibliography

The author uses annotated references to support his/her thoughts or idea of the topic of discussion. The annotated references could be related to each other but the purpose is to prove the difference between the main topic and other related topics. Moreover, it acknowledges other authors who have worked on similar topics and give relevance to the topic of discussion. To the students, it acts as a way to prove that they have done a lot of research to justify the significance of the use of such references on their thesis, dissertation, research paper, term paper, research project or capstone project.


Significance of Annotations

The significance of the annotated bibliography gives the basis to why a specific article has been chosen and reviewed yet there are similar articles. This gives us a clear picture that the author read the article(s) from other authors, identified a research gap that could raise questions and then tries to argue it out. Other articles assist in building the body of the article in question.


EssayBureau.com clearly understands the needs of our customers and we have Staffs that have expertise in writing the best annotated bibliography in all disciplines. They are conversant with the different formats of research papers and the different styles of referencing. Therefore we are able to give tips on how to write an annotated bibliography. We can also take a review of your article and assist you to come up with an appropriate annotated bibliography. The examples we give on our site, on a request basis, also provides an idea on how to formulate yours. We also invite revisions from our customers and ensure that it matches with the requirements of the customer.


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