Your parent company has relocated several employees from other states to their home office in Houston, Texas.

A3: Info Document on Moving to Houston Start Assignment

  • Due Monday by 7am
  • Points 100
  • Submitting a media recording

Your parent company has relocated several employees from other states to their home office in Houston, Texas. You are tasked with developing a presentation to help the transplanted employees navigate Houston. For this presentation, you will be making an Mp4 (a video) presentation that provides an overall discussion of the what a new Houstonian might need to know about relocating, including, but not limited to: choosing a neighborhood, getting around town (transportation options) or recreational activities. Be broad in your scope.

To begin this project: remember your audience is both very broad and very VARIED. (Think back to the audience module). You will have single people, married people, people with kids, people with grown kids, people without kids, people moving here who are caretakers for their elderly parents — in other words, all kinds of people.

You will use slides, moving videos, graphic elements, pictures and illustrations in your video. Use the design principles you learned in this unit as you make your presentation. Use white space to your advantage.

Remember, all digital elements (pictures, graphics, etc.) and written elements must be original to you. If you are using an image of Houston, you must take it yourself. No stock pictures. Use of unoriginal materials is considered plagiarism and will result in a zero.

Do not use templates for your presentation– generate your own slides. Use of templates will result in significant point reduction.

For this project, I recommend you use WeVideo, but you may use whatever software you desire as long as your final submission is an Mp4. Your video should be at least four minutes and no more than five and contain a variety of visual elements (see above), as well as a voice over explaining what your audience is seeing. DO NOT READ TO YOUR AUDIENCE.

If you would like a WeVideo account, please send me a Canvas Message and I will send you the link to get one through HCC.

Hint: Think of this like a documentary on moving to Houston — it is NOT a power point. Avoid that sort of presentation.


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