You are the project manager for the ExcelShoe Company, and you are working with Sam, the business analyst for your organization.


You are the project manager for the ExcelShoe Company, and you are working with Sam, the business analyst for your organization. Your company traditionally sells running shoes through your retail stores, but a new approach will allow customers to access your inventory and order your shoes online. Sam reported that he had captured the requirements from the project stakeholders, and they have approved his final documentation of the requirements. The stakeholders are excited about this new project, which will create software for their online website.

The website will allow users to access an online catalog of running shoes, keep a history of shoes that they have ordered in the previous business activities, and purchase shoes from the online store. The website should be secure, calculate shipping costs, and recommend related items to the customer based on what they have added to their shopping cart.

Management has approved the requirements with the demand that the solution not cost more than RM 100,000 and must be done within four months. Sam also informed you that some of the retailers are concerned that customers will just order the shoes online rather than visit their stores. You need to create a monthly calendar for each shoe retailer in your company that encourages people to visit the stores in addition to your online website.

  1. a)Based on the above scenario, develop the project scope statement.
    1. b) Determine the primary goal of this project and the required skill types for project team members in order to write the project scope.
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