You are asked to design the GUI for a software application that can convert audio files from one format to another.

Work in groups of two or three to do the following. First, each member of the group should independently perform a heuristic evaluation of the paper prototype you developed in Exercise E139 or E140. Then the group members should get together and study each other’s lists of defects. Determine how many were found by only one person, how many were found by two people and how many were found by all three (if you have three members). This exercise should demonstrate that having more than one evaluator is important.

Exercise E139

You are asked to design the GUI for a software application that can convert audio files from one format to another.

(a) Use the twelve usability principles to draw a paper prototype of this GUI.

(b) Describe how you have adhered to each of the twelve usability principles.

(c) Obtain an application that does the same thing and compare your GUI to this one. There are free applications available on the Internet.

Exercise E140

Imagine your goal is to develop a web-based application to access your voice messaging system (or your answering machine). This application can allow you to select messages, play them, drag messages to other applications, etc.

(a) Create a use case model for this application.

(b) Draw the interface of this application. Pay attention to the layout; specify all labels you would use; propose icons or other encoding techniques to make your interface more usable.

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Description of the how the software selection criteria (and which ones) were chosen for your company

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