You are a Systems Analyst in a Customer Service department.

1. Describe all the nine characteristics for a Bank ATM as a system

2. For a smartphone as a system, do the following: a. Decompose the system into sub-components b. Modularize the sub-components of the system

3. You are a Systems Analyst in a Customer Service department. Your manager tells you how poor the performance of the Customer Service agents are and that they are supposed to be managing anywhere between 400-600 calls per day but they are doing only 50-100 calls. He asks you to find out what is going on with the customer service agents. For the above scenario, explain what steps would you do in the Analysis phase of SDLC. Please note that I don't want you to solve the problem but just list the steps you would do to solve the problem

4. Write the source of software for each of the following

: a. Turbo tax

b. Dropbox

C. Python

d. Microsoft

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