You are a store manager of a retail store selling home goods.

You are a store manager of a retail store selling home goods. Your store will soon be selling a new product, both in the physical store as well as online. It is your responsibility to be able to identify the new product, distinguish it from other products, and track and report back to the store owner on whether the product is successful.

Explain how you will define the success of the offer, product, or play from a business perspective.

Explain how you will identify the offer, product, or play in the data collected and stored by the organization and differentiate it from other offers, products, or plays.

Use specific field/variable names and sample values for this.

Propose descriptive methods for tracking and reporting on the progress of the new offer, product, or sports play.

Include at least two variables and calculations/measurements on those variables that you will use to measure success.

Include at least two graphs you will use to track the success of the offer, product, or play.

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