written analysis of your negotiation skills.

You will complete a Skill Assessment Paper worth 100 points and due via Canvas before class on
the date noted on the schedule (4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-
inch margins). In this paper you will provide a written analysis of your negotiation skills.
Outside of an introduction and conclusion the paper will have three clearly identified sections:
1.Insights: What are the three most important lessons you learned about negotiations? For
each lesson, which exercise or class topic drove home the lesson? Briefly describe what
happened in the exercise, or describe the class topic that made the point. (40%)
2.Behaviors: What is the most important new behavior you have added to your negotiating
tendencies? What is the most important old behavior you have eliminated from your
negotiating tendencies? Why is your new approach an improvement? (40%)
3.Weakness: What is the one most important weakness you still have in negotiations? What
specific and active steps could you take to improve in the future? (20%)
The following criteria will help guide you in doing well on the writing assignments and guide me
in grading them.
60% – Negotiation Principles: integration, relevance, insight, analysis, etc.
20% – Evidence: examples, research, arguments, etc.
20% – Writing: Macro (business writing, clear and concise, organization, flow, intro,
conclusion), mezzo (paragraph structure), micro (spelling, grammar, formatting), etc.

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