write SQL queries to perform the following tasks:

(Aggregation with grouping) Based on the plumbing supply store database from Chapter 7, write SQL queries to perform the following tasks: A For each customer, show the Customer ID, first name, last name, and the total number of orders placed. B Show the same information about customers as in part (a), but count only orders placed since April 28, 2013; if a customer has placed no orders since that time, they need not appear in the output. C Show the same information as in part (b), but also include the date of each customer’s most recent order. D For each product, show its name and average quantity ordered when it appears in orders placed by customers from New Jersey (state code “NJ”).

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Give a flannel board presentation.

Give a flannel board presentation. 1. Set up area with board. 2. Check pieces. 3. Practice. 4. Place pieces in order of appearance. 5. Gather children. 6. Place pieces out….

What is a dramatic play kit?

Answer the following questions related to speaking goals. 1. How can the goals of a program be met? 2. When children are interested in an object or event, what should….

Write down teacher questions that could lead a child to a discovery and promote the child’s verbal expression of the discovery in the following situations. 1. A bird’s nest is….