write SQL queries for the following tasks

(More aggregation with grouping) Based on the conference database on the website, and using WHERE to express joins between tables, write SQL queries for the following tasks: A For each room in which any session is being held, show the room ID and the number of sessions being held there (with the column heading NumSessions). B Show the same information as part (a), but also show the capacity of each room. C For each room, show its ID, capacity, and the number of presentations being given there (the heading for this column should be NumPresentations). D For each speaker, show their first name, last name, the number of  presentations they are giving (with the column heading NumPresentations). Make sure that if the conference were large enough to have two speakers with the same name, each would appear on a different line of the output.

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Assess why it has proven so difficult to design an operating procedure which allows the European Court to effectively manage its case load.

‘The results so far achieved within the framework of Protocol No. 14 are encouraging, particularly as a result of the measures taken by the Court to increase efficiency and address….

Evaluate whether the operation of human rights under the ECHR really does force public authorities to ‘act in ways that fly in the face of common sense’?

‘[I]n this country we are proud to stand up for human rights, at home and abroad. It is part of the British tradition. But what is alien to our tradition….