Working as civil engineer for your company, you have been tasked with producing a site planning solution for a project that the company is trying to win in a competitive tender.

The purpose of this assessment is to enable the students to individually demonstrate what they have learned about construction technology by using logical thought processes to plan the production of a built asset (further project information will be issued under separate cover).

The presentation of the plan is to be a portfolio of documents prepared using industry standard software.

The portfolio will include documents detailing the site layout strategy including (but not limited  to),  proposals  for  security,  accommodation,  site  logistics,  pedestrian,  traffic


management and material storage as well as materials to optimise the collaboration between different subcontractors.

These materials will not need to be exhaustive (i.e. cover all aspects of the build), as the focus should be instead on the quality of the communication and information provided on as small set of representative documents.



Additional instructions to students:

This individual submission can make use of any work performed in your group; however, you have the freedom to alter the work carried out there to any extent of your choice.



Further Information

Learning      outcomes      tested      in      this      assessment        (from      the                     Module Descriptor/Specification):

  1. Analyse the major processes involved in construction engineering operations and appraise the construction engineering workplace in terms of challenges to
  2. Developing proposals for efficient temporary facilities in order to undertake effective construction engineering
  3. Producing effective planning solutions to the challenges of construction engineering projects, considering issues such as, sequence, methodology and

Assessment criteria / marking scheme:

Marking criteria are defined as follows:


  • Programme (30%)
  • Site layout proposal (20%)
  • Presentation aspects (30%)
  • CDE integration (20%)


See the full criteria breakdown provided separately.


Referencing style:

Please use the Harvard referencing style. Visit for help and information about correct referencing.

Further  assistance with  academic  reading,  writing  and referencing  is  available  via  Northumbria Universities Skills Plus web page.

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