Women, Art, and Society

Women, Art, and Society

Chapter 14, “World Together, Worlds Apart,” gives an initial idea of how international women artists were introduced in the world of art from Europe and North America. In other words, this chapter provides a clear explanation of the role that gender inequality plays in women's lives from contemporary art. According to Chadwick, “between 1989 and 1999, the representation of women international exhibitions changed drastically.” (Chadwick, pg.423). Although the show titled; “Magiciens de la Terre” (Magicians of the Earth), one in then of the artists were women. As we are continuing to read the chapter, we will see a variety of Latin American, Asians, and African women’s artist's roles in Europe and North America. Indeed, according to Chadwick, international exhibitions from a gendered position reveals their contributions to the formation of various and diverse spaces in which women’s voices are being heard today; however, much of this history has been hidden under complex and theoretical political debates. (Chadwick, pg.46). As we have an idea of what chapter 14 is about, I would like to ask you a few questions to encourage a deeper understanding of this chapter. Questions: § What does it mean “World Together, Worlds Apart” in your own words? (after reading the chapter) § What were the effects of gender among artists? In other words, why women artists were the concern of this complex issue?


Chadwick, W (2012). Women, Art, and Society. New York: Thames and Hudson

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