With this perspective in mind, can you think of some other useful functions of sleep?

1 .The evidence presented in this section suggests that the primary function of sleep is to permit the brain to rest. But could sleep also have some other functions? For example, could sleep serve as an adaptive response to keep animals out of harm’s way, as well as provide some cerebral repose? Sleep researcher William Dement pointed out that one of the functions of the lungs is communication. Obviously, the primary function of our lungs is to provide oxygen and rid the body of carbon dioxide, and this function explains the evolution of the respiratory system. But we can also use our lungs to vibrate our vocal cords and provide sounds used to talk, so they play a role in communication, too. Other functions of our lungs are to warm our cold hands (by breathing on them), to kindle fires by blowing on hot coals, and to blow out candles. With this perspective in mind, can you think of some other useful functions of sleep?

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What is the optimal profit and what are the optimal number of Top Lathes and Big Presses?

King City Inc. manufactures machine tools. The production planner who oversees the production of two of King City’s machines needs to determine how many of each to produce this month…..

Formulate and solve the nurse scheduling problem as an integer program for one day for the data given below.

Hospital administrators must schedule nurses so that the hospital’s patients are provided adequate care. At the same time, careful attention must be paid to keeping costs down. From historical records,….

Solve the model formulated in part a. What is the minimal amount of trim loss?

STAR Co. provides paper to smaller companies with volumes that are not large enough to warrant dealing directly with the paper mill. STAR receives 100-feet-wide paper rolls from the mill….