Wired and Wireless Local LAN Question – Business Network Technology

Wired and Wireless Local LAN Question – Business Network Technology

Your sister is building a new two-story house (which measures 50 feet long by 30 feet wide) and wants to make sure that it is capable of networking her family’s three computers together. She and her husband are both consultants and work out of their home in the evenings and a few days a month (each has a separate office with a computer, plus a laptop from the office that is occasionally used). The kids also have a computer in their playroom. They have several options for networking their home:

Question1 : Wire the two offices and playroom with Ethernet
Cat 5e cable and put in a 1000Base-T switch for

Question2: Install one Wi-Fi AP ($85) and put Wi-Fi cards
in the three computers for $50 each (their laptops
already have Wi-Fi).

Question3: Any combination of these options.
What would you recommend? Justify your

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