Which system is more reliable, a or b? c or d? Now calculate the reliability of each system. Were your perceptions correct?

Which system is more reliable, a or b? c or d? Now calculate the reliability of each system. Were your perceptions correct?


2. Best Vision is revamping its assembly lines to improve efficiency. As shown below, there are 10 steps to assembling a television set.

A. If Best needs to produce 120 televisions in a 40-hour work week, how should the line be balanced? Given that one worker is assigned to each workstation, how many workers are required to operate the line? What is the efficiency of the line?

B. If demand for televisions is reduced to 100 sets per 40-hour week, how many workers will be needed to man the line? Re-balance the line and re-calculate its efficiency.


3. State University is going to construct a new student center and athletic complex that will include a bookstore, post office, theaters, market, mini-mall, meeting rooms, swimming pool, and weight and exercise rooms. The university administration has hired a site selection specialist to identify the best potential sites on campus for the new facility. The site specialist has identified four sites on campus and has rated the important location factors for each site as follows: Recommend a site based on these location factors and ratings.

4. An army division in Iraq has five troop encampments in the desert, and the division leaders want to determine the best location for a supply depot to serve the camps. The (x, y) coordinates (in miles) of the camps, A, B, C, D, and E, and the daily amount of supplies (in tons) required at each camp are as follows: Determine the best site for the supply depot using the center-of-gravity technique.

5. Referring to the product structure diagram for product A determine: B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J and K

6. Alice’s Alterations has eight jobs to be completed and only one sewing machine (and sewing machine operator). Given the processing times and due dates as shown here, prioritize the jobs by FCFS, SPT, EDD, and CR. and determine the average flow time, average tardiness, and average number of jobs at the work center, for each of these rules. Which sequencing rule would you recommend? Why? Assume jobs arrived in the order shown.

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