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A sales rep is showing a customer engagement rings. The customer shows interest in a particular ring, but when the rep mentions its price, he hesitates, saying, ” Let me think about it . ” Which response (s) would be effective? Select all that apply.

  1. Tell him about any free services offered with ring purchase
  2. Agree that he should take his time making this important decision
  3. Encourage him to come back in a few weeks when the rings are on sale
  4. Mention that the prices of the rings in this collection could increase soon
  5. Tell him about an available payment plan
  6. Ask him if the price is the only thing holding him back

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Wind Lake Assisted Living Center Sylvia Prater is director of human resources at Wind Lake Assisted Living Center in Muskego, Wisconsin. She is in charge of hiring employees and training them. She decided to create a presentation that she will give to new employees as part of their orientation. She asks you to help her create PowerPoint slides that she will use while she gives her presentation. Complete the following steps: 1. Open the presentation named Orientation, located in the PowerPoint1  Case1 folder included with your Data Files, and then save it as Employee Orientation to the drive and folder where you are storing your files. 2. Insert a new slide using the Title Slide layout. Move this new slide so it is Slide 1. Type Employee Orientation as the presentation title on the title slide. In the subtitle text placeholder, type your name. 3. Create a new Slide 2 with the Title and Content layout. Type What Is Assisted Living? as the slide title, and Residence for people who need some assistance with daily living activities. as the only item in the content placeholder. Change this to an unnumbered list. 4. Apply the View theme, and then apply its third variant. (If the View theme is not listed in the Themes gallery, choose any other theme and variant that uses a white or mostly white background, places the slide titles at the top of the slides, uses bullet symbols for first-level bulleted items, and ­positions the content in the bulleted lists starting at the top of the content text box, not the middle.) 5. On Slide 2 (“What Is Assisted Living?”), increase the size of the text of the in the text box below the slide titles to 28 points. On Slide 3 (“What Do We Provide?”) increase the size of the text in the bulleted list so it is 24 points. On Slide 4 (“Our Employees”) and Slide 7 (“Our Residents”), increase the size of the text in the bulleted list so that the first-level items are 28 points. 6. On Slide 2, insert the photo Center, located in the PowerPoint1  Case1 folder. Crop the top part of the photo off so that there is about one inch of sky above the building. Position the photo so the bottom of the photo aligns with the bottom of the slide and the left edge of the photo aligns with the right edge of the gray bar on the left. Resize the photo, maintaining the aspect ratio, so that it stretches from the gray bar on the left to the orange bar on the right. (If you used a different theme, center the photo horizontally in the space at the bottom of the slide.) 7. On Slide 3 (“What Do We Provide?”), add the speaker note Personal care, such as bathing, grooming, and dressing, is provided by certified personal care attendants. 8. On Slide 6 (“Living Quarters”), change the layout to the Comparison layout, which includes two content placeholders and a small text placeholder above each content placeholder. In the large content placeholder on the left, insert the photo Room, and in the large content placeholder on the right, insert the photo Apartment. Resize the Room photo so it is approximately the same height as the Apartment photo, maintaining the aspect ratio, and then reposition it, if needed, so that it is center-aligned with the caption placeholder above it and top-aligned with the Room photo on the left. 9. On Slide 5 (“Our Facility”), cut the first bulleted item, and then paste it in on Slide 6 in the small text placeholder on the left. If a blank line is added below the pasted text, delete it. On Slide 5, cut the remaining bulleted item, and then paste it on Slide 6 in the small text placeholder on the right, deleting the blank line if necessary. 10. On Slide 7 (“Our Residents”), add Age as the third bulleted item in the list, and then add Minimum 60 years and Average 78 years as subitems under the “Age” first-level item. Change the layout to Two Content. 11. On Slide 7, in the content placeholder, insert the photo Couple, located in the PowerPoint1  Case1 folder. Crop off the part of the photo to the right of the man, resize the photo so it is 5 inches high, maintaining the aspect ratio, and then reposition it as needed so that the top of the photo and the top of the content text box are aligned. 12. Compress all the photos in the presentation to 96 ppi and delete cropped portions of photos. 13. On Slide 8 (“New Employee To Do List”), change the list to a numbered list, and then add the following as a new item 2: 2. Attend certification seminars 1. First aid 2. CPR 14. On Slide 8, convert the numbered list to a SmartArt diagram using the Vertical Block List layout, which is a List type of diagram. In the Text pane, click before “Confidentiality agreement,” and then press the Tab key to make it a subitem under “Fill out paperwork.” Change “W-4 and other personnel forms” to a second subitem under “Fill out paperwork.” 15. Delete Slide 5 (“Our Facility”). Move Slide 4 (“Our Employees”) so it becomes Slide 6. 16. Check the spelling in the presentation, and then read the text in the presentation carefully. On Slide 3 (“What Do We Provide?”), change the incorrect word “sight” to site. 17. Save the changes to the presentation, view the slide show in Presenter view, and then print the title slide as a full page slide, print Slides 2–7 as a handout using the 6 Slides Horizontal arrangement, and print Slide 3 as a notes page

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