Which of the following transactions would not be counted in GDP?

Which of the following transactions would not be counted in GDP? Explain your
i) General Motors issues new shares of stock to finance the construction of a plant.
ii) Tata Motors builds a new plant.
iii) Company A successfully launches a hostile takeover of company B, in which company A
purchases all the assets of company B.
iv) Your grandmother wins Rs.10 million in the lottery.
v) You buy a new copy of a Commerce textbook.
vi) You buy a used copy of the above Commerce textbook.
vii) The government pays out Social Security benefits.
viii) A public utility installs new antipollution equipment in its smokestacks.
ix) Domino’s Pizza buys 30 pounds of mozzarella cheese, holds it in inventory for 1 month,
and then uses it to make pizza (which it sells).
x) A drug dealer sells Rs500 million worth of illegal drugs.

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