Which of the following is not matched correctly?

A.Cross-heads are generally erected at


(a) 30 m intervals (b) change of grades

(c) change of direction (d) All of these

B. The length of a boning rod for a section of the sewer is

(a) kept constant

(b) changed frequently

(c) changed at the alternate intermediate sections

(d) changed at every section

C. Absolute accuracy in setting out of tunnels is stressed because

(a) a slight error can lead to the collapse of the tunnel

(b) tunnels are strategically very important

(c) even a small error costs a lot to rectify

(d) are provided in hills

D. Setting out is sometimes referred to as the reverse of surveying because

(a) all instruments are set in a reverse manner

(b) it nullifies all the work done by surveying

(c) it transfers data from plans and drawings onto the site

(d) it is to be done from both the sides

E. Which of the following is not matched correctly?

(a) Stake permanent identification mark

(b) Post type of travelling rod

(c) Sight rail a kind of batter board

(d) Boning rod for layout of trenches

F. Vertical control in setting out is achieved by

(i) traveller

(ii) batter-boards

(iii) offset pegs

(iv) coordinates

Of these

(a) Only (i) and (ii) are correct (b) Only (ii) and (iv) are correct

(c) Only (i) and (iii) are correct (d) (i), (ii) and (iii) are correct

G. Consider the followings with regard to setting out the foundation of a small building.

The reference line(s) marked is (are)

(i) longest outer wall

(ii) shortest outer wall

(iii) longest diagonal dimension

(iv) shortest diagonal dimension

Of these

(a) Only (i) is correct (b) Only (iii) is correct

(c) Only (i) and (ii) are correct (d) Only (ii) and (iv) are correct

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Explain why attenuation is not a big problem in PET.

Consider a 2-D object consisting of two triangle compartments, as shown in Figure P9.4. Suppose a solution containing a 511 KeV gamma ray emitting radionuclide with concentration f = 0.5….

Give the mean and the variance of the reconstructed image, mean[ˆ f(x, y)] and var[ˆ f(x, y)].

Ignoring the inverse square law and attenuation, an approximate reconstruction for SPECT imaging is given by where c˜() =  {||W()} and W() is a rectangular windowing filter that cuts off at = 0…..

Find the numerical responses in each to an event in crystal C(4, 6).

Suppose a PET detector comprises four square PMTs (arranged as a 2 by 2 matrix) and a single BGO crystal with slits made in such a way that it is….