Which of the following characteristics helps an entrepreneur suc

Which of the following characteristics helps an entrepreneur succeed?      Maintenance of the status quo      B. Tolerance of ambiguity and uncertainty     C. Encouragement of centralization    D. Risk aversion



In Kohlberg's model of cognitive moral development, which category follows the conventional stage?



A. The compliant stage


B. The utilitarian stage


C. The preconventional stage


D. The principled stage



Which of the following is a benefit of business incubators?



A. Provision of venture capital


B. Access to shared services


C. Information siloing


D. High security



How can an entrepreneur generate legitimacy?



A. By removing standards established by credentialing associations


B. By being risk-averse


C. By visibly conforming to expectations created by governments


D. By avoiding constructive criticism



A/An _______ is a situation, problem, or opportunity in which an individual must choose among several actions that must be evaluated as morally right or wrong.



A. business norm


B. personal right


C. ethical issue


D. ethical standard



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