Which communication method(s) would be most effective for each of the following scenarios?

Which communication method(s) would be most effective for each of the following scenarios? There may be more than one correct answer. Briefly explain your answer.
A. In person
B. Via email
C. Via phone1. tell your boss about a new idea that you have for a project.
2. discuss with your boss a problem you were having with a colleague.
3. Submitting travel expense to the business office for an approved work trip.
4. Asking for feedback from your coworkers on a draft of a report you wrote.5. Conveying new information that will impact a client you are meeting with tomorrow.
6. Noting an error in a report you received from another department.
7. Asking a question regarding your company issued laptop.
8. Providing information about your availability to meet with a client later in the week.
9. Asking for clarification regarding an assignment your boss gave you.
10. Asking a subordinate to take on additional work that you really hope he will agree to.
11. Providing encouragement to a struggling coworker.
12. Asking for a raise for strong work performance.

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