What would be the basis for making this distinction?

1.Why do you think that Medicaid was created as an entitlement program but CHIP was established as a block grant? Both programs are federal–state insurance programs for low-income individuals, so does the distinction make sense? Does it matter that one program is for children and the other is broader? Should one program be changed so they are both either entitlements or block grants? Which structure do you prefer?

2.Although many Medicare beneficiaries are poor, there is no means test (income- or resource-specific eligibility level) to determine eligibility as there is with Medicaid and CHIP. Is there a good public policy reason for this difference? What would be the basis for making this distinction? Does the government have a different role to play in providing health care based on the population involved?

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Create a three-column chart in which the first column lists non management skills you have.

The 21st century offers many challenges to every one of us. As more firms go global, as more economies interconnect, and as the Web blasts away boundaries to communication, we….

What is your reaction when faced with stressful or time-pressured situations

When faced with stressful or time-pressured situations: 1. I use effective time-management methods such as keeping track of my time, making to-do lists, and prioritizing tasks. 2. I reaffirm my….

Develop creative and innovative solutions to problems.

When faced with a complex or difficult problem that does not have an easy solution: 1.. I define a problem in multiple ways. I don’t limit myself to just one….