What will the cost of doing business be in countries where trust is high

1.In countries where trust is high, the cost of doing business will be:


(a) Lower (b) Higher

(c) Immaterial (d) Remain the same

(e) None of these

2. The process, known as acculturation, refers to the situation where the international marketer acquires:

(a) The norms, rituals and ethics of foreign culture while working abroad

(b) The norm’s rituals and ethics of domestic culture(c) Knowledge about all cultures

(d) Knowledge about home culture

(e) None of these

3. Imperatives refer to the norms for doing business in a foreign country the way business is done by:

(a) Locals (b) Foreigners

(c) Expatriates (d) All the people

(e) Other nationals

4. Cultural exclusives refer to activities that are performed only by:

(a) Only locals (b) Only foreigners

(c) All the people (d) Only expatriates

(e) Immigrants

5. The interpersonal relations and intrapersonal relationship based on the power equation formations in the work place hierarchical set up as discussed by Hofstede in his value survey model in Culture’s Consequences: International Differences in Work Related Values, refers toL

(a) Power distance (b) Individualism

(c) Uncertainty avoidance (d) Masculinity

(e) None of these

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