What will be the main way to attract or recruit possible applicants for the needed positions (social media advertisement, billboards, news outlets, etc.)?

Summative Assessment #3 for Humanre
Title of Activity- “I CHOOSE YOU!”-AStrategic and Creative HR Recruitment Plan
A Survey of more than 1,700 CEOs around the world found that human capital was cited as the top factor in maintaining competitive success, which reflects the critical role of managing talent. Human capital ranked far higher than assets such as technology, physical resources & access to raw materials.And this is one strategic role of HRM& that is to drive organizational performance by hiring the right people (Management by Richard Daft & Danny Samson,5thed.).
In this individual activity, the student, thinking as the ProHR manager, must showcssase their company’s recruiting skills by sharing and presenting their created recruiting policy that will attract the best and most qualified candidates for the job opening.
General Instructions:
1.As the HR manager of TROY MFG.CO., you are tasked to create a strategic & creative HR recruitment plan, that will attract the best & most qualified candidates for the job opening offered by your company. You have to makean effective, interesting, and clear recruitment planthat will surely attract the best pool of qualified candidates for the job opening.
2.You may prepare your HR recruitment plan by considering the following provided questions/format and case scenario when making your output
3.Font and font size: Times New Roman (12); Spacing: 1.5; 1-inch margin on all sides
TROY MFG. CO. is an aspiring new company that aims to promote an ethical and diverse workforce alongside with the goals of the organization. As the HR Manager of the company, you were tasked to create a recruitment plan focusing on hiring applicants for various positions (Project Manager, Secretary, and Production Workers) by taking note of different factors that might affect your company’s recruitment policies.
I.JOB DESCRIPTION AND DUTIES (1-2 paragraphs each job position)
Include a short background of the positions to be filled by taking note of these following questions:
·What are the positions that are needed to be filled and what are the company’s expectations towards their skills, knowledge, or experience towards their roles?
·What are their specific tasks, duties, and responsibilities in the company?
·What are their job specifications? What are the needed educational attainment, skills, physical abilities, skills, or talents?
·Why are their roles important or essential in the company?
II. RECRUITMENT PROCESS (1-2 paragraphs)
·What are the steps for your recruitment process? Enumerate them using a numerical format.
·What type of clearances (medical clearance, previous workplace clearance, legal clearance, etc.) would they need?
·Will you take note of legal considerations such as age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender?
·Will you require a personal job interview or not? Is there any other form of evaluation?
·If it is an interview, is it a structured interview, personal interviews, or panel interviews?
·Will you also provide employments tests like: cognitive ability tests, physical ability tests, or even personality tests?
·What will be the main way to attract or recruit possible applicants for the needed positions (social media advertisement, billboards, news outlets, etc.)?
·What creative advertisement procedures do you think will work?
·What type of training and development programs will you provide them once they are hired for the position?
·Will you conduct mentoring or coaching activities as a manager? Will you provide an orientation and collaborative meetings upon hiring?
·Will you ask them for feedback?

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