What types of people are not able to provide consent for an organization to collect their personal information?

  1. What types of people are not able to provide consent for an organization to collect their personal information?
  2. Which personality trait do the lecture notes suggest is a predictor for effective pair programming performance?
  3. Asmita is a software developer. For an old project she wrote a PayPal library to provide an eCommerce solution for her client’s website. Since she wrote her library, PayPal published a new library.

A client asks her to retrofit their website with the new PayPal library.Asmita knows that her library is superior and discusses this with the client, but eventually implements the client’s request to keep them happy.
A new client asks her to develop a new website.Even though she knows her old library is better, Asmita continues to use the newer PayPal library.
What is the name of the cognitive bias that leads developers to choose to use a substandard process or technology again in a new development because the substandard idea is fresher in their mind?

  1. Why would Koreans tend to think of Australian team members as loud and verbose?
  2. You notice that your colleague’s supervisor puts in a lot of time to mentor your colleague. What type of leader could she be classified as?
  3. If you nod your head in a conversation, what type of conversation regulation channel are you using?
  4. What is the name of the criteria which would rule out the use of an article in your own business report because the article only considers one side of a controversial topic?
  5. What is the term used to describe displays that are used to share real-time information in an Agile development?
  6. Which leadership style is sometimes viewed as weak due to its consultative nature?
  7. What is the opportunity provided in an industry where there are many firms of equal size?
  8. Which knowledge management activity involves arranging knowledge for future access?
  9. If you are stuck in a deadlock in a conflict with a colleague, what type of channel would you consider using to break the deadlock?
  10. Please fix the following: Aboriginals have a different heritage to Caucasians.
  11. What is the name of the contract that can be used to protect a trade secret
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