What type of sampling is this?

Suppose one of the clinics had a fire, and some of the patient files were lost. From talking to the prenatal educator, you know that this clinic regularly sees members from a nearby Native American community. You want to make sure that you are including an adequate number of Native Americans. Before completing your sampling frame and starting the research project, you ask a current participant in the program who is a member of this Native American community if she knows of other members who have gone through the program. She gives you the names of four other mothers, who then collectively give you an additional 17 names. What type of sampling is this?

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Determine the outlet concentration x1 in the water solution and in the trichloroethane solution using an analytical equation.

Predicting Extraction for an Existing Tower with a Given Number of Steps. An existing tower contains 5.0 theoretical steps. It is desired to predict its performance under the following conditions….

Calculate the minimum solvent that can be used. [Hint: In this case, the tie line through the feed L0 represents the condition for minimum solvent flow rate.

Minimum Solvent and Countercurrent Extraction of Acetone. An aqueous feed solution of 1000 kg/h containing 23.5 wt % acetone and 76.5 wt % water is being extracted in a countercurrent….

Determine the break-point time, the fraction of total capacity used up to the break point, the length of the unused bed, and the saturation loading capacity of the solid.

Drying of Nitrogen and Scale-Up of a Column. Using molecular sieves, water vapor was removed from nitrogen gas in a packed bed (C1) at 28.3°C. The column height was 0.268….