What sampling plan should be used?

A researcher must estimate how many packs of disinfecting wipes will be purchased by businesses in Cleveland, Ohio for the annual sales forecast. Her plan is to ask managers the likelihood that they will purchase disinfecting wipes, and she will ask those who say they are “very likely” to purchase them to estimate how many packs (each with 100 wipes) their company will buy. She can divide the companies into small, medium, and large firms based on number of employees at their Cleveland offices. a. What sampling plan should be used? b. Why?

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How might this situation be handled, depending on the definition of family used by Kim’s teacher?

Kim, a nine-year-old, has lived with her grandmother since she was three years of age, at which time her father had abandoned the family and her mother had been sent….

Describe how you will use the cultural learning center to reinforce respect for cultural diversity

Assume you have accepted a teaching position in a community dominated by an African American, Asian American, Hispanic or Latino American, or Native American culture. Also assume the local school….

Determine the amount of cost in the Raw Materials, Work in Process, and Finished Goods inventory accounts as of the date of the fire.

Hector P. Wastrel, a careless employee, left some combustible materials near an open flame in Salter Company’s plant. The resulting explosion and fire destroyed the entire plant and administrative offices…..