what range would the transfer price fall in?

1.       Gover, Inc., transfers 100,000 units from Division A, which manufactures them at a cost of $20 per unit plus $1,000,000 in fixed costs, to Division B, which finishes them at a cost of $7 per unit, plus $200,000 in fixed costs, then sells the finished product for $50. Division A could sell the unfinished units on the market for $35. Gover sets its transfer prices at 5% below market price. Calculate the transfer price.

2.       Passico has two divisions, Amber division and Crimson division. Amber division, which has an annual capacity of 20,000 units, manufactures parts at a variable cost of $35 per unit, which sell on the market for $50 per unit. Market demand is currently 10,000 units per year. Crimson division requires 5,000 units per year from Amber division. In a negotiation, what range would the transfer price fall in?

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